SHRM - Attendance &  Leave Module

Objective: This module automates the process of recording employees daily attendance and leaves data and processes it to generate MUSTER. It tracks parameters such as over time, late arrivals, absenteeism, leave without pay, etc. to provide inputs to the Pay Roll Processing Module. Consolidation of attendance data, calculation of fringe benefits as per days worked makes this system invaluable man power administration tool

On-Line Queries & Reports:

  • Monthly Muster \ Attendance Register 
  • Leaves Register 
  • Daily Arrival - Departure Report - Dept. wise \ Location wise 
  • Absenteeism Report 
  • Over time Report 
  • Leaves Balance Summary - Employee Wise 
System Application:
  • Attendance data can be taken from a variety of input devices such as punch card readers, barcode reader swipes on employees barcoded ID cards, computer screen.
  • Automates the complete process of muster preparation.
  • Generates reports on attendance, late arrivals, early departures, over time worked, & absenteeism.
  • Tracks leaves consumed, balance, allotted, encashment., leaves without pay, etc.
  • Supports multi company - multi location working with merging of attendance data for pay roll purpose.
  • Supports multiple shifts working.
  • Employee attendance data can be exported out in SDF or DBF or TEXT format for using in an external pay roll processing software.
  • Provides foolproof (untamperable) recording of in & out time.