VisualGEMS - ERP Software
The Enterprise Resource Planning Software For
Apparel Manufacturing & Export Organisations

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is  VisualGEMS  Year 2000 (Y2K) ready ?
2. What is special about VisualGEMS? What makes it different from other software packages ?
3. I  am  already using an Export documentation and /or  accounts package. Why should I switch over to VisualGEMS ?
4. Why  should  I go for computerization instead of my  time  tested manual system ?
5. Is VisualGEMS too big to fit into our CURRENT plan of automation ?
6. Isn't VisualGEMS costly ?
7. Is VisualGEMS better than my "TAILOR MADE" software?
8. How will VisualGEMS improve my Documentation work?
9. Can  VisualGEMS  provide  me additional reports or  change  formats  of existing reports / documents to suit my needs ?
10. Who  comes  to  my  help if  Apparel Export Promotion Councilís  procedures  change  or  Export documentation formats are revised ?
11. Do I need to employ more I.T. qualified staff to use VisualGEMS effectively ?
12. What happens to my EDP / Programming staff?
13. How much time it shall take to get results from VisualGEMS?
14. How  can VisualGEMS help in improving inter departmental  communication in my organization ?
15. How can VisualGEMS help in fixing responsibilities to respective people and assist systematic working in the organization ?