VisualGEMS - ERP Software
The Enterprise Resource Planning Software For
Apparel Manufacturing & Export Organisations

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1. Is  VisualGEMS  Year 2000 (Y2K) ready ?

VisualGEMS is 100% Y2K compliant. This compliance is built into the design and architecture of the software.  Unlike other software systems which are upgraded from traditional non-y2k to y2k and run the risk of malfunctioning.

Q2. What is special about VisualGEMS? What makes it different from other software packages ?

VisualGEMS is not just another package. It is an improved culture to do business.  While many companies selling software consider end  of  relationship when a sale is made, we at OPTIMAL consider the same as  beginning  of  a new relationship. Our  full involvement  in implementing the system in your organization is an integral  part of our commitment.

In  fact, our commitment to make your computerization  a  SUCCESS started  much  before even making a sale. Right at the  stage  of  designing  VisualGEMS  we kept in mind the  practical  difficulties  of implementation  of  an  Integrated  system.  Therefore,  in  VisualGEMS various modules can be linked or de-linked from integrated  system enabling a step by step implementation & usage.

Having  tackled the most crucial phase i.e. spreading the VisualGEMS   culture in the organization VisualGEMS does not stop here as  is the  case  with most other packages. The  management  information generation capability of VisualGEMS from this newly created environment makes  it  a  powerful decision making tool rather  than  a  data processing machine.

Q3. I  am  already using an Export documentation and /or  accounts package. Why should I switch over to VisualGEMS ?

VisualGEMS  offers  Export  documentation and  Financial Accounting  as  individual modules   along  with  specially  developed   total   Information Management System for Garment Export industry. Other modules are : 

  • Export Orders Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Production Management
  • Quota & AEPC Documentation
Integrated  working  in VisualGEMS allows you to  monitor  all  the operations rather than looking at it in a piece - meal basis.
Q4. Why  should  I go for computerization instead of my  time  tested manual system ?

The Export Competition:

It's no secret today's marketplace is more competitive than  even before. Customers are demanding (and receiving) a greater  degree of efficiency and service. And your competitors are becoming more and  more  eager to increase their share of the market,  at  your expense.  And  of course, there's an ever  increasing  amount  of information that needs to be quickly and successfully managed.

But there's no reason to be discouraged by these new demands on   your  operation.  In  fact,  by  taking  advantage  of   new technologies  which  let you exercise greater control  over  your activities, you can soon have a more profitable business!

The Solution:

To  help  you  on  the road  to  increased  profits  and  greater productivity, VisualGEMS was developed.

Q5. Is VisualGEMS too big to fit into our CURRENT plan of automation ?

VisualGEMS has been designed to let you start small and reach total automation with assured results at every state - all in a record time.  You can choose to start  with  any  of  the three alternatives:

  • Merchandising (Export Orders, Purchase Orders, Inventory, & Production).
  • Merchandising + Export Documentation 
  • Merchandising + Export Documentation + Financial Management
Q6. Isn't VisualGEMS costly ?

Pay  off from using VisualGEMS far out weigh the price you pay for  it. In fact price of a single user VisualGEMS installation works out to  be much less than one staff's annual salary, far less than number of man-month that will be saved by using VisualGEMS. 

In  the  present  liberalized world  automation  for  information management  is  the back bone of your organization.  Correct  and timely  information  is  not easy to get.  Indeed  VisualGEMS is  your ultimate bet for this.

Surely you cannot risk it paying less !

So a more appropriate question is not

"Whether you can afford it ?Ē

It is "Can you afford to neglect it ?"

Q7. Is VisualGEMS better than my "TAILOR MADE" software?

If you have been getting your software developed using a  battery of  programmers over a period of time, the chances are that  each module is a stand alone working package, but fails to  contribute towards an integrated multi-user environment - a prerequisite  to a MIS oriented system.

A perfectly tailor made software does offer excellent fit to your requirements.   But,   by  the  time  software  is   ready   your requirements  have changed, or worse! the development  staff  has changed  ! This changing environment is what requires a  flexible software  which  is not "tightly" tailored, not  to  mention  the importance of the your computerization partners to be around when you need them.

In dynamic and growth oriented environment every organization  is bound  to have new requirements. We can assure you that  6  times  out  of 10 your new requirements will already be a part of  VisualGEMS. This  is possible due to its developer's global view  of  Garment Industry   and   constant  updating  of   software   with   these requirements.  By  virtue  of our  close  interactions  with  our valued customers from a wide cross section of Garment Industry we ensure  that we don't just end up tailoring your  present  needs, but future needs as well.

Q8. How will VisualGEMS improve my Documentation work?

Documentation  is  the  most  critical,  very  specialized,  time consuming  and  voluminous  job in the current  manual  (or  even automated)  systems. VisualGEMS will revolutionize the working of  your Documentation department. We believe in the culture of giving the tool  to the specialist rather depending on  associated  clerical staff  like  typists \ operators etc. The  specialist  makes  the document  on  computer with natural look and feel  of  the  final document  &  can  take  a printout  directly  eliminating the cycle of printing-checking  &  the corrections again. The productivity gain is multifold.

More  than just improved documentation time & quality,  VisualGEMS eliminates  the  bulky registers which are  maintained  by  these people to keep track of this important activity and helps you  to take MIS at any instant you feel like.

The   added   advantage  of  natural  look   and   feel   of documentation is that your staff needs least training efforts  on the computer.

Q9. Can  VisualGEMS  provide  me additional reports or  change  formats  of existing reports / documents to suit my needs ?

Occasionally we do custom programming for clients although typically it is not necessary as the "standard" package is extremely feature rich. As  part of the support OPTIMAL offers customization of  VisualGEMS  to suit  specific  needs.  Using its flexible  design  our  software experts will quickly implement the desired changes.

Q10. Who  comes  to  my  help if  Apparel Export Promotion Councilís  procedures  change  or  Export documentation formats are revised ?

OPTIMAL'S  warranty  and annual maintenance program backed  by  a committed after sales service shall keep you fully protected from such unforeseen demands. Our new releases shall cover all such changing requirements. In a way VisualGEMS serves as a guide for your operational staff on changing regulations & procedures.

Q11. Do I need to employ more IT. staff to use VisualGEMS effectively ?

VisualGEMS is designed for people who are good in their line of working viz. Accounts, Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Quota, Finance, Export Documentation,  etc. Simple, pleasing and user friendly  interface offered  by  VisualGEMS  and  OPTIMAL'S  comprehensive  training  shall transform your staff to efficient user of computerized system. With continuos support from OPTIMALís   Customer Support Executives the decision to have an in house EDP  person is entirely up to you.

In fact, most of our customers consider us their Information Systems Department. 

Q12. What happens to my EDP / Programming staff?

Now  your EDP staff can fully concentrate on delivering what  the end  users  (you & your managers) actually want  i.e.  Management Information, documents or in short RESULTS. Chores such as system trouble  shooting, software de-bugging or struggling to  restrict system down time etc. will no more block their valuable time. 

The very basis of success of automation i.e. timely  assimilation (collection)  of raw data and retrieval of processed  information will get right priority.

Q13. How much time it shall take to get results from VisualGEMS?

Our typical implementation schedule is 6-8 weeks from the time of installation. This means that you will be fully trained and "live" on most of the new system within that time.

Direct results in the organization are seen within 30 days, but the improved  culture  keeps giving results over the years to come.

Q14. How  can VisualGEMS help in improving inter departmental  communication in my organization ?

Information  once fed into VisualGEMS is automatically accessible  from anywhere over the network. Thus there is no need to follow -up to get information. This convenience of availability of  information on  every  managers desk-top results in  efficient  information driven  working  as  against  intuitive  working.  In  fact  same information  can be presented in various formats  depending  upon nature of use.

Q15. How can VisualGEMS help in fixing responsibilities to respective people and assist systematic working in the organization ?

VisualGEMS makes working of every individual transparent and  direction oriented.  Monitoring  of  progress or  bottlenecks  is  possible without  any  interference. Un-even distribution of  manpower  or deviation from set procedures or even tempering with the data can be checked.