Business Partners :

To provide real value to customers, a business partnership  requires that both partners possess and believe in similar  business values. 

OPTIMAL and its business partnerships are based on values such as quality, consistency, continuity, and stability through profitable growth, a dedication to customer service fulfilment and investment in leading technologies.

We take pride in associating ourselves with following IT companies :

M/s. Adroit Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chennai - India
M/s. Apsis Technologies Pvt. Ltd., - Banglore - India
M/s. Concept Solutions Pte. Ltd., - Singapore, &
M/s. East West Information Systems Ltd., Colombo - Sri Lanka

M/s. PowerWare (division of Powerpoint Ltd), - Bangladesh

Our alliance gives us strategic advantage to increase our reach to some of the most valuable markets for our products as well as serves to leverage the business expertise of our partners to further mutual business interests.

M/s. Adroit Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Adroit Software is a dynamic I.T. company engaged in software 
development, training and marketing of IT products for over 5 years. 

The company has a strong foundation in the interface software development for the medical electronics industry & has many successful projects to its credit. 

Adroit is our important partner & is actively involved in the promotion & technical support of  OPTIMAL's ERP software VisualGEMS for the South Indian region.

Adroit has Software training division & a well developed software development lab.

M/s. Apsis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Apsis Technologies is a total solution provider, catering to the I.T. needs of medium & large corporations in South India. Apsis employs dedicated, enthusiastic and persuasive team of software & hardware professionals who back up every sale with superior quality support.

Apsis specializes in implementing ERP solutions with a backing of their trained technical support & implementation team.

M/s. Concept Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Concept Solutions is an IT Consultancy company setup to assist small & medium enterprises to computerize effectively. Focussing on providing backend business solutions, Concept Solutions specializes in providing ERP solutions to Textile & Garment industry.

Concept Solutions reputation are earned by providing value-added services after a system implementation; such as interfacing the backend system to Internet, generating business / management reports from backend system, and integrating systems to increase productivity.

Concept Solutions is our & Technical & Marketing Representative for the ERP software VisualGEMS for South East Asian region.

M/s. East West Information Systems Ltd.

East West is the IBM business partner & the largest IT company in the Island of Sri Lanka.

East West is our business partner for the marketing & technical support of the ERP software VisualGEMS for Sri Lanka. 

M/s. POWERWARE - Software division of Powerpoint Ltd., Bangladesh

Powerpoint Ltd. is a leading Information Technology Organization providing hardware & networking solutions to companies in Bangladesh.

PowerWare, the software division is engaged in promotion of software solutions. Powerware represents OPTIMAL for the VisualGEMS ERP software marketing & technical support in Bangladesh.