E-commerce is the fastest growing form of  business today and is expected to treble in the next few years when more of the world gets wired. Recognising the tremendous potential of e-commerce we are setting up a dedicated team which is geared up to play a leading role in this high potential segment.

We aim to leverage the domain knowledge we have built up from the ERP software business for the Garment Exports industry we have been involved for the last 8 years.

We believe e-commerce is not only about on-line buying & selling, but more about integration of every business process, including those in the external value chain, up to & including the web page or the electronic store front design.

Implementing an e-commerce solution is not a simple plug & play process. It requires :

  • Clear Objectives
  • Planning
  • Team with Business & IT Skills
  • Commitment
Organisations wishing to deploy e-commerce need to partner with companies with experience in large scale application development & successful implementation ...... like Optimal Infotech Pvt. Ltd.