1.  Export Orders Management:
a.  Export Order & its tracking Buyer wise, Style wise, Merchandiser wise, Status wise. 
b.  Tracking of order wise sample approvals (pending, delayed, due) against the target dates. 
c.  Material Requirements planning (fabric, accessories & yarn) from per piece consumption 
      with special emphasis to allowing for revisions/alterartions. 
d.  Special provision for grey to finish fabric processing & yarn to fabric knitting.
e.  Export Order wise estimated costing. 
f.   Also can track measurement charts, production detailing & standard consumption.

2. Purchase Management:
a. Generation of local & Import Purchase Orders for fabrics, accessories & yarn from the 
    material  requirements planing done in the Export Order Management stage. 
b. Tracking of deliveries against the P.Os. & monitoring over all purchases against the export 
    orders E.O. wise, merchandiser wise, supplier wise.
c. Provision for consolidation of qtys across the Export Orders.

3. Inventory Management:
a. Receipt / Issue of materials against the Purchase Orders, Export Orders, Production 
    Orders & Processing Orders. 
b. Tracking of stocks: daily inwards / daily outwards / ledgers / location wise / party wise. 
c. Tracking garments made, shipped, balance & rejects order wise/style wise in total quantity 
    or  ratio breakdown. 

4. Production Management:
a. Production planning. 
b. Generation of Production Orders against Export Orders & tracking of Garments made. 
c. Export Order wises production monitoring at user defined operations points (separete for 
    woven & knits) including history. 
d. Revision of consumptions for issue to factory & generation of Material Requisition Note.
e. Tracking issues to the factories & material reconciliation at the end of production. 

5. Quota Management:
a. FCFS applications & allotment of new certificates 
b. Invoice wise quota endorsement, revalidation, transfers, proof of shipment, etc. 
c. Tracking of Bank guarantees, quota requirements, availability, used, balance, expiring. 

6. Shipment Management:
a. Generation of packing list, custom invoice, shipping bill, final invoice & bank documents. 
b. Calculation & tracking of Duty drawback. 
c. Tracking of negotiation, FDBP, realizations, short shipments etc. 
d. Tracking of L.C. / Foreign Exchange quotes.

7. Finance Management:
a. Bank, Cash, Purchase & Sales Accounting. 
b. Receivables, Payables, General Ledger & Final Accounts. 
c. On Line Balance Sheet / P&L & drill down to transactions. 
d. Supports Multi currency accounting for Sales & Purchase as well as Bank Accounts