Why Choose OPTIMAL ? 

OPTIMAL helps Organisations build their businesses by creating and managing efficient Informatiobn Management Systems.

Unlike traditional agencies which focus narrowly on software alone, OPTIMAL puts the
customer at the centre, combining strategic consultancy with world class technologies. We have spend every day since 1988 talking to customers and clients about what turns a first time user into a satisfied loyal customer. The four pillars of our success are :

  • Experience 
  • Technical Expertise 
  • Quality 
  • Proven Track Record 

OPTIMAL experts are working on the client server technologies and the Internet ever since the inception of windows & WWW. This collective experience & expertise enables us to offer cost effective and proven solutions at lesser time.

Technical Experience:

OPTIMALíS teams spend time to learn & experiment with new technologies. We are therefore in a position to deploy these technologies in our clients projects without any significant learning time on the project.


At OPTIMAL customer support is not merely a superficial slogan; but a commitment to provide on-going quality services to its clientele. A mainstay of OPTIMAL's corporate philosophy is to ensure that none of its clients suffer from lack of support for the products / services they buy. With this aim in mind OPTIMAL has set up its customer support cell, which has as its sole function responding to a client's needs on a priority basis.

We understand the importance of our software solutions in clients business Ė they are mission critical applications demanding high degree of reliance. We ensure this reliance by adopting & stringent quality control methods in our software development and testing process.

The company undertakes training of all prospective end-users to adequately equip them  with the knowledge required for efficient utilization of the products they have purchased. OPTIMAL's products are extremely user friendly and hence are easy to use. For those 

Products which are technically complex the training eliminates the confusion and consequent under utilization which often accompany such products. 

OPTIMAL shoulders the responsibility for continuously refining and improving its products. Product upgrades are made available to all users periodically. Since OPTIMAL always seeks to satisfy future requirements, it offers extensive support for further expansion by its client companies.

In the final analysis, OPTIMAL's emphasis on the crucial area of customer support has enabled it to serve the specific needs of its clients and achieve long lasting, satisfying association with them. The continuous flow of repeat orders speaks for the satisfaction of our customers for a long term business partnership.

Proven Track Record:

OPTIMAL has executed successfully many projects that are fulfilling our clients need to meet their business objectives or even surpass them.

Our hard work and dedication in timely delivering these projects has earned us reputation of a PROFESSIONAL & committed organization which will never fail to deliver. Most importantly we promise only what we can deliver. We donít make compromise for short term gains.