Product Development & Maintenence : 

OPTIMAL has build core competance in large scale software product development and their maintenance over the product life cycle of over 8 years.

GEMS - Garment Export Management System, (now relaunched as VisualGEMS), & SHRM - System For Human Resource Management  are some of the successful products we have introduced in the market and served the needs of internationally distributed, functionally different & demanding organisations. This translates to development & maintaining of  over 1,000,000 lines of code &  installation base of more than 250 customers.

We shall continue to develop new products and create valuable Intellectual property for
the organisation.

Backed by such an experience we are aspiring to provide services to international companies who are interested in :

  • Outsourcing Product Developments.
  • Outsourcing Product (Software) Maintenance. 
  • Outsourcing  development & maintenence of customised software applications, web bases applications, web sites, etc.
Partnering as your "Application Service providers" for any of the above areas we can
offer you  two way benefits :
Access to Critical Resources
  • Experienced product developers
  • Parallel development & reduced

  • cycle time
  • Fast Reach to the market
Direct Revenue Saving
  • By Offshore development in India